D.d.Saunders & Associates, Inc.

Services Offered

Design, Coordinate And Implement

Arts Producing and Management

Providing communication, design, fundraising, managerial, marketing, and production staff support to successfully run an arts organization or event.

Talent Acquisition

Executive Search

Working with clients to attract, develop, and retain a workforce truly representative of diverse populations.

Targeted Audience: Arts Service Organizations, Arts Nonprofit Organizations, Performing Arts Centers

Strategic Planning

Program And Organization Strategy

Strategic Planning

Delivering strategic plans that align mission, programs, organizational and financial capacity; and include actionable road maps.

Our Clients

Who We Serve


Arts Organizations. Arts Education Institutions. Cultural Agencies. Cultural Facilities. Dance Companies. Entertainment Venues. Performing Arts Facilities.

Our broad range of clients enrich the world.


We believe that individuals and organizations should have access to services that are needed. This is why we offer a sliding scale pricing model for all of our services. We base our suggested pricing on the operating budget of each organization and welcome negotiation with our clients.